Back To School

I can’t believe the summer has come and gone already…at least for the kids anyway. I have been divorced now for over 10 years and as I get older the years fly by faster and faster. My youngest is in 6th grade now. That means this is the last year to eat lunch with her at school. Play on the playground with her after lunch. And for her to actually be excited for me to come to all of her school events and programs. My oldest daughter is a Sophomore in high school and I remember her last year in grade school thinking that at least I had four more years. And now the end is near and I’m having a hard time dealing with it. I know that school has just started and that I have the whole school year, but that is what I say every year and yet here we are. The last year. I have been lucky to have a flexible schedule for work which has allowed me to eat lunch at the preschool quite a bit throughout the years. And I plan on taking full advantage of that this school year. I am going to go as much as possible. If you have young kids in grade school don’t let the years slip by without taking advantage of being able to enjoy it with them. They will never forget it. As the year goes by I may need some help dealing with it.

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