No Time Like The Present

Hello all. My name is Brent Ireland and this blog is 10 years in the making. Yep…you heard me! But better late than never, right? Actually I’ve tried several times to work on this project in the past, but just never really knew what direction I wanted to go. I think I was just trying to plan it out and make it perfect when I should have just been writing! One of my fathers favorite lines was “you’ve got to have a plan”. But after visiting with a good friend I’ve decided to start over and just go for it. I’ve been divorced now for over 10 years since 2006 but luckily I have a good memory and I have a lot of stories in writing and have done a good job documenting. I know what you are thinking…get to your point Brent! My point is that I’m starting this blog not only for the present and future, but also going all the way back to first being divorced. I have some good stuff to write about and I hope you enjoy.

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